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Whatever goals you set for yourself in business, the World Wide Web is able to satisfy them, because this resource is almost unlimited. You are free to use it both for finding clients and partners. But for this you need to create your own “street” in this universe and start talking about your goods or services on it.




    First of all, we get to know the company and the product that it offers to its customers. We carefully study the goals pursued by the client himself, having made a decision to create our own website, and, if necessary, make adjustments to them. At the same time, we communicate with the customer regarding the specifics of the market, competitors, and the specifics of the target audience. For this, we have provided briefing and meeting formats. As a rule, our clients have rich offline experience and a good understanding of how to position themselves in the market and this helps us a lot in preparing an effective web platform.
    Now, realizing the need, we make a specific proposal regarding the format of the future website, the volume of content, the style of visual design, the number of pages, the tone of the content, and many other important issues. In the process, we determine the source of photo and video materials (photography, photo stock, photo design, motion design). We finally agree on the price and formulate a specific technical task for developers, designers and, if necessary, for subcontractors: photo studios, video production, and so on.
    At this stage, we analyze the Internet market, including from a functional point of view. We scrutinize competitors' web pages for usefulness and user-friendliness and determine their competitive edge. In order to fully understand how the competitors' sales funnel works and to identify the niche that our client should occupy, we test their sales system in a full cycle from the consumer's side up to calls and work with a manager. This allows you to identify gaps in the competitors' sales system and take them into account when developing.
  4. Bringing it to life
    All the accumulated chips begin their life, though at first only on the computers of the development team. First of all, a site tree is created, the structure of its sections, after which web designers and copywriters are also involved in the work, gradually filling the site with high-quality content, according to the received terms of reference. As a result, we get a ready-made website that we host on the hosting, and now it can be visited from anywhere in the world.
    In conclusion, we supplement the project with special applications that will improve communication with the user of the site. You definitely saw them, for example JIVO - a chat that invites the user to ask something from a specialist, or Pop-Up - a banner with a special offer or discount. There are tons of other apps out there that will help your website sell. These tools encourage visitors to take action, which is why they take the first step towards the meeting with these tools.
  6. WE TEST
    It would seem that everything is ready and the developed web page can already perform its functions. However, no IT product is implemented without a proven QA. Within a month after the launch of the website, we test it for layout and possible technical errors, as well as make all the necessary adjustments. The website should function equally well from any gadget and browser. Ultimately, we get exactly what will help you promote your business. Let's fly!



The 21st century is undoubtedly the time of digitalization! Whether we like it or not, today it is impossible for a business to develop effectively without a web page. But how can you use your own space on the Internet?

  1. COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE. Having your own website significantly increases the company's image in the eyes of potential customers and partners. If it is not there, the company will be treated not only cautiously, but also not seriously! Customers will have a clear impression that the company is not worried about its image and does not follow the trends of the times.
  2. VIRTUAL 24-HOUR OFFICE AND BUSINESS CARD. Remember a few years ago, to find out the details of the company's work, to clarify what services it provides, you had to call or even come to the office. This could only be done during working hours. The site is a virtual office that works around the clock, seven days a week. At any time, the user can enter it and get the information he needs: a detailed description of goods and services, contact information, opening hours, etc.
  3. THE OPPORTUNITY TO DECLARE YOURSELF. Here's another reason why you need a website. With its help, you can tell about yourself, providing users with all possible information, telling what your specific advantages over other companies are. Probably, potential customers or partners will not be looking for you, but for your competitors providing similar services, but they will accidentally land on your site for certain search queries. And if you didn’t have a website, they would never know your existence.
  4. TOOL OF DOING BUSINESS. And here is another explanation of why you need a website. It is a real and efficient, efficient business tool. It will present all the important information that may be needed: customers, partners, suppliers. Its presence, clear and understandable description will attract more customers to you. If you think over all the details on the site, provide a feedback form or immediately install a button for ordering goods / services, the efficiency of your resource will increase significantly!
  5. METHOD OF INFORMATION. And it's not just about news sites or portals. Even if it is a corporate resource, it will allow providing users with relevant and useful information: about the latest news, promotions, existing discounts, etc.
  6. INEXPENSIVE BUT EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING METHOD. At least 30% of customers recognize your company through the website. It is clear that this figure will increase. Already today, the Internet has many advantages over more conventional media, with the help of which advertising was previously launched. Given the popularity of the internet, it's not surprising that the site will pay for itself in a few months, or even weeks. A properly created, interesting site filled with important information quickly brings its owners not just income, but real profit. The site is essentially looking for new clients for you on its own. Because it is your target audience who is visiting it! For example, the cost of a monthly billboard rental for advertising is approximately equal to the cost of creating a website. But! In a month, the ad will be removed, but the site will remain. In addition, the number of reviews for information on the site is much higher than for advertising on a billboard, because it is the target audience that comes to the site!
  7. OPPORTUNITY TO EFFECTIVELY BUILD YOUR WORK A properly created site, on which information is structured, will allow you to significantly relieve the work of the office. Look, most often customers ask the same information, and your employees have to give the same answers: by phone, e-mail, instant messengers or other means of communication. But you already know what your customers are most often interested in, so just place this data on the pages of the site, which will allow you to avoid answering constantly repeated questions.
  8. INTERACTION WITH CONSUMERS. Be sure to include a "Reviews" section. It is very useful, it will allow your clients to find out how effective you are at work, what are your advantages. Using the site, you can also conduct a survey, research that helps to understand what exactly interests your customers, thereby you will study the target audience and more orient the sales system and the product itself.


What is it? Landing Page is the simplest form of a web site, which consists of only one page. Its purpose will increase conversion rates. Due to the small amount of information, the user is doomed to a scanty choice: place an order or simply leave, ignoring the offer.

Despite the limited functionality of such a page, it can be filled with exactly the information and exactly in the sequence that is necessary for the user to make a decision. The focus is usually focused on only one user action: contact, buy, leave your data, place an order, etc.

The main advantage of a landing page is its price, because development does not require huge resources and time, and a one-page page does not require significant costs for filling with graphic and text content. But there are others as well:


Based on the functionality, the advantages are highlighted:

great flexibility is achieved through the idea of ​​a landing page. It is easier to carry out testing (A / B) on a foreigner, on which the effectiveness depends;
the creation of a landing page guarantees a short development time;
the attention of a potential buyer is fixed on one service or product that is not scattered throughout the catalog.

price 600+$

This form is a complete chain of any number of pages. It is adapted for full-fledged surfing by the user, so its functionality is quite flexible. It can be a corporate site, a catalog site, or a business card site.

In this case, first of all, a specific amount of information and functionality is determined. All this is divided into sections: home, products / services, about us, contacts, reviews, etc. Websites are perfectly indexed in search engines, so the main traffic comes from there.


  • The possibility of rich content filling, expanding the user’s understanding of the company, goods or services;
  • more structured information is better perceived by the user;
  • a full-fledged web page is doing well in SEO;
  • wide functionality delays the attention of the visitor;
  • a harmoniously built site works for the company’s image.
price 1к+$

This is a site that sells goods in an automated manner. Allows users online, in their browser or through a mobile application, to form a purchase order, choose a method of payment and delivery of the order, pay for the order. In this case, the sale of goods is carried out remotely, which imposes certain restrictions on the goods sold.

From a technical point of view, this is a more complex form of the site, since it provides for more complex algorithms and platform functionality: billing, shopping cart, feedback, security, etc. In addition, online stores should generally allow shoppers to use search functions to find specific models, brands, or items.

There are also B2B stores, that is, focused on selling goods to other companies, in this case, other marketing tools are involved, but based on the same functionality.

To create an online store, a rather long time is required, since the development of systems, the preparation of high-quality content for filling, connecting widgets and testing takes time. But the result always justifies the resources expended.

price 1,5к+$



Your real prospects:

Growth in the number of subscribers
Availability of quality content
Brand awareness
Profit growth from your sphere
Our bags are full of advertising charms. Well, are you with us?


Any business needs serious investments. If you think over a strategic development plan and invest in promotion, then the end result will be an active growth in sales and full implementation of the product.


- “But we have already been with you for 8 days, and from 3 subscribers the number has not grown to 300!”

It should be realized that promotion is regular, consistent actions that do not have a specific deadline.

Depending on the type of product, this can take from a month to six months. The main thing is to heed the advice of our SMM sensei.


Perhaps somewhere in another galaxy, the planet of advertising wonders, pages are being promoted that way. Performing quality work requires a certain amount of time and resources. Perhaps somewhere in another galaxy, the planet of advertising wonders, pages are being promoted that way. Performing quality work requires a certain amount of time and resources.

INFO-TOP SMM offers 👇🏻


And without sky-high prices!


By purchasing only one "bag", you immediately freed up a lot of free time. After all, the page is now managed by real development Jedi, management superheroes, copywriting fairies and design wizards!


Our company has existed for 5 years and we are always glad to see you in our office at Nizhniy Val 19/21.


How does the creation of a website begin: price, stages

Building a website from scratch begins with a briefing, where you describe in detail about your business, define goals and objectives, announce the size of the budget for creating a website, and our specialists offer options.

TOPSMM web development department offers:

  • Small and large corporate websites;
  • Business card website;
  • Blog site;
  • Website news portal;
  • Gallery site;
  • Directory site;
  • Online store;
  • Thematic site;
  • One-page website (landing page);
  • Other types of sites.

The price of a website varies from the structure and type of the website itself. If this is an online store, then the cost will vary depending on the number of pages, categories and subcategories, additional modules.

How much does it cost to create a website from scratch

If you are interested in the price for creating a website from scratch, you can also leave a request, where you need to list:

  • type of business;
  • is it necessary to develop a unique design, or a template is suitable;
  • what pages should be on the site;
  • number of categories and subcategories;
  • are additional plugins needed, for example popup windows for collecting contact information or online chat.

Only after taking into account all the criteria will we be able to say how much it costs to order a website. For their part, our programmers will do the job quickly and efficiently so that your site moves as quickly as possible in the search engine and generates income.

Creation and promotion of sites is necessary for small and medium-sized businesses with several types of services. Corporate websites are promoted better than landing pages, as their structure is more complex and they inspire trust among search engines and users. In addition, the corporate website is SEO optimized.

Of course, you can create a free website, for this you need to delve into programming for several months and try to install a CMS on hosting, add a free template and bring the structure into a suitable form for several months. But your business deserves a better website that’s safe and tamper-proof.

How much does it cost to create an online store

An online store is the most expensive, but also the quickest payback web resource. From the very first day of launch, online stores quickly begin to advance in search engines, since they have a specific structure. The main strategy that you need to choose to promote IM is to separate yourself from competitors.

TOPSMM web studio specialists will start creating an online store with a careful development of the structure and hierarchy. Further development of filters will follow, which will help in promotion in the future.

An online store will definitely need a blog in order to post articles with additional keywords. You will receive a high-quality online store with the most popular and demanded delivery services and payment options. If necessary, we connect additional plugins.

We’ll walk you from start to finish to get you through your new explosive selling tool. An online store refers to an automated type of business, where you do not have to participate, but sales will still be carried out. IM can be classified as a passive type of income, if you make every effort from the very beginning, automate the work of your managers and arrange the supply of goods to customers.

Leave a request for the development of an online store now and we will calculate the cost of your project. Entrust the work to experts and from the very beginning everything will go as it should.

Business card website – price

Business card site is a one-page site that lists the main types of services, their cost and contact information. The main focus of the business card site is to briefly introduce the artist and indicate his contact information for communication. In addition, a business card site should make a good first impression and promote high conversions.

TOPSMM web studio creates beautiful business card sites for your service to attract a potential client. You can also order a landing page to contain more information or describe the services in more detail. The development of a business card website is suitable for private entrepreneurs, specialists on freelance or offline.

Landing page advantages:

  • Simple structure, each block selling
  • Relevant for the promotion of seasonal or promotional goods. Traffic is attracted through an advertising campaign on social networks
  • Landing page can become part of the main site

Landing pages are often ordered to collect applications for an online course, master class, webinars, etc. This is a great opportunity to collect additional contacts and a customer base.

It’s easy with us, see for yourself. Fill out the brief and we will do the rest.


We hope you enjoyed the pages of our space.

We assure you - working with us is even more comfortable than absorbing the tube content of this site! If you have clearly decided that your business needs a strong development in social networks and the Internet, you are definitely here. So, write, call, go for tea!

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