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A technical site audit is a complex of important tasks aimed at identifying site errors. It is necessary in cases where the site is not promoted in search engines or does not give the desired results – the attendance drops noticeably, the visibility of the resource worsens and there is a negative dynamics in behavioral factors. The presence of these signs is a direct confirmation of site failures.

Digital agency TOPSMM offers SEO (technical) analysis of the site with in-depth analysis and useful tips for eliminating errors. The service is a detailed check by experienced specialists, which is performed using the necessary web tools. We guarantee a high-quality and understandable audit for the client, capable of giving answers to questions of interest.

What is the use of a SEO audit?

Effective search engine optimization of a website is impossible without a regular SEO audit. Careful analysis of technical aspects allows you to identify hidden glitches and other shortcomings that can slow down the promotion and reduce the user experience. In addition, SEO site audit is needed for other purposes:

  • Checking the compliance of the structure of the Internet resource with the requirements of search engines and the demand among users. The linking and layout of the pages of the site affects the ranking for relevant queries and indexing in search engines.
  • Study of the technical condition. In the course of its functioning, any Internet resource “acquire” errors of a technical nature. They need to be identified and eliminated, otherwise the site risks losing its position.
  • Identifying new points of increasing organic traffic. Website auditing also helps you get off the ground when you take full advantage of search engine optimization. As a result of technical analysis, new points are identified that can become the beginning of an increase in the flow of potential customers.
  • Verification of the quality of work of contractors. If you ordered SEO optimization services from internal employees or from an agency, then a technical audit helps to check the conscientiousness and quality of the services provided.

This information allows us to conclude that checking the site is an important task that must be performed without fail on a regular basis.

What are the stages of a technical audit?

Employees of the TOPSMM digital agency perform a SEO audit in stages. This allows you to follow a clear algorithm, as well as avoid errors during the preparation of reports and recommendations. The process consists of several stages:

  • studying the structure of the Internet resource – if the optimization of the online store does not yield results, experts study the location of sections and pages, as well as their relationship;
  • measuring page weight – the essence of the stage is to identify sections that receive more “weight” and redirect to the necessary pages;
  • research of meta tags – during the SEO audit, a check is performed for the presence of duplicates, mandatory meta tags and compliance with the semantic core;
  • determining the quality of the site pages – experts study whether the internal optimization of the site and the purity of the code are performed correctly.

In addition, tags on the pages are analyzed during the technical audit.

What is a technical audit service?

When ordering a similar service from the TOPSMM digital agency, clients receive a comprehensive analysis of the site to identify technical errors. As part of the service, specialists determine whether the structure of an Internet resource meets the requirements set by search engines. This concerns the speed and correctness of page indexing, ease of navigation, the type of link weight distribution, as well as the presence of technical errors.

In addition, the SEO audit is aimed at analyzing the technical component. In the process, the speed of loading pages, the presence of duplicates, the presence of an SSL certificate and the correct functioning of the adaptive design are analyzed. Content is also included in the list of objects for analysis. The study of this component allows you to quickly determine if the SEO optimization of the site has been performed correctly.

High-quality SEO audit from TOPSMM professionals

The complex of works to identify technical errors in the functioning of the site should be trusted only by experienced specialists who are able to conduct an in-depth analysis of all indicators. To find them, it is enough to contact the TOPSMM agency.

By contacting us, you can count on an integrated approach, attention to detail, and effective advice on how to improve the site’s performance. Employees perform an advanced analysis of the parameters and features of the site’s functioning, and based on the data obtained, they give professional recommendations for eliminating failures.

If you are interested in the details or the price for the site audit, contact the manager by phone. He will tell you in detail about the procedure for cooperation and tariffs, and will also help to fill out an application.


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