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By allocating a budget for advertising, every entrepreneur wants to get the most out of the investment. TOPSMM professionals point out that targeted ads that target specific audiences with general interest are the ideal solution for this purpose. This is one of the most powerful ways to grab the attention of your customers.

Displaying advertisements in this way in most cases leads to the execution of the target action (purchase, call or ordering). Due to the specifics of the work, targeted advertising shows the best results on social networks. There are ample opportunities for setting up targeting and implementing the chosen strategy.

Why is it worth ordering targeted advertising?

This method is part of a comprehensive business promotion on the Internet. Its main task is to show advertisements only to those users who are interested in the presented products. Due to this, targeted advertising provides a number of advantages:

  • the ability to use more than a dozen criteria for choosing a target audience;
  • visualization and increasing awareness (targeted advertising may include elements of branding and business symbols that are unwittingly remembered by the user);
  • a wide range of ways and methods of influencing the audience;
  • native character (high-quality targeting setting provides an unobtrusive and natural appearance of ads in the user’s feed);
  • profitability (the cost of targeted advertising is lower than other promotion methods, and the result is not long in coming).

Also associated with the last item on the list is the added benefit of ROI. Having ordered services for setting up targeted advertising, you will see the result almost the next day. This method is the fastest in terms of getting the first results.

What are the parameters for targeting?

Setting up targeted advertising provides for a detailed study of the characteristics of the target audience. Geography, age, gender, personal data, interests and other characteristics matter. The information received becomes the basis for choosing a targeting method:

  • Interest targeting. In this case, advertising is displayed based on the characteristics of the activities of a particular circle of users. A prime example is the display of advertisements for a professional cosmetics store to makeup artists.
  • Targeting by socio-demographic parameters. Setting up a target involves the use of socio-demographic characteristics: marital status, gender, social status, age, etc.
  • Geo targeting. This method is used if you need targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram in a specific region. A campaign can cover a neighborhood, city, region and country.
  • Time-based targeting. The method assumes displaying advertisements for a specific period of time. Based on the study of audience activity in social networks.
  • Behavioral targeting. Behavioral targeting can also be ordered from TOPSMM. The essence of the method is to study the behavior of users of social networks, and determine the group that is most likely to perform the targeted action. Ads are shown only to these users.

In addition, experienced agency staff are able to customize the Look Alike target. This option provides for the study of the profiles of regular customers, and selection, based on the information received, of a new audience with similar interests.

How are targeted ads set up?

TOPSMM is better than just a targeted advertising agency. The staff employs a team of specialists of different profiles, which provides an in-depth study of the situation, and the search for the most effective solutions for setting the target. In the process, the following types of work are performed:

  • studying the characteristics of a niche (type of activity, values ​​and competitors);
  • determination of the range of users who can become the target audience;
  • drawing up a strategy and plan for setting up a target;
  • selection of optimal sites for placing targeted advertising;
  • creation of advertisements (development of text, selection of photos);
  • setting parameters and working out directions;
  • evaluation of the results obtained, and making adjustments if necessary.

In the future, the work of specialists consists in daily monitoring of indicators and optimization of indicators. This allows you to gradually increase the number of customers and steadily increase sales.

High-quality targeting in TOPSMM

If you want to set up targeted social media ads at an affordable price, then you’ve come to the right place. Professionals working in a digital agency are able to build a competent strategy, choose the optimal targeting method, and make the necessary settings. This will allow you to get the first results in a short time. In addition, cooperation with the agency provides clients with a number of other advantages:

  • consulting support;
  • individual approach;
  • creative solutions that “catch” the audience;
  • adherence to the agreed deadlines;
  • use of the latest tools and technologies.

An additional advantage is working with all kinds of social networks. We offer setting up targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Employees are well versed in the algorithms of each site, so they can guarantee the achievement of the desired results.

Customers will also be pleased with the cost of setting up targeted advertising. The agency adheres to a democratic pricing policy. Prices for services are calculated on the basis of objective indicators, and taking into account the number of employees involved in the project. To find out details or ask a question regarding setting up targeting, please contact the manager by phone. To receive feedback, use the form on the website.


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