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Entrepreneurs doing business through the site sometimes face a situation where there is very little sales at affordable prices, excellent service and a decent product. The reasons may vary. But, the most common are an inconvenient interface and a structure that is difficult to understand. This automatically leads to a decrease in conversions.

That is, the site has a low percentage of users who have performed “useful” actions to the total number of visitors. The optimal solution in such a situation would be a site usability audit, which can be ordered from the TOPSMM digital agency. To carry out the work, we involve the best specialists who perform a thorough analysis and find effective ways to solve the problem.

What metrics are studied during a usability audit?

The concept of “usability” means a qualitative assessment of the convenience and simplicity of working with a resource. It is important for sales in general, since visitors pay attention not only to prices and product features, but also to the comfort of interaction.

If potential customers are faced with an inconvenient structure, a complex order form, or lack of proper navigation, then the desire to continue choosing products and placing an order automatically disappears.

To avoid such situations and loss of audience interest, it is necessary to order a usability audit of the site. The service allows you to identify problems with the functionality, interface and architecture of the resource, which gradually reduce the conversion. For this, the following indicators are analyzed:

  • “Stability” and convenience of the structure;
  • functioning of the standard interface components in the context of the usual scenario of the buyer’s actions;
  • time required for full page loading;
  • the presence of errors during the launch of the site;
  • the presence and number of elements that distract from the transaction;
  • the convenience of taking steps on the way to “useful” action.

In addition, site usability analysis includes the study of the overall design, and the quality of its reading. As a result of such an in-depth study of the features of Internet resources, it is possible to identify errors, problems and shortcomings that prevent a visitor from becoming a client of the company. The most common of these are complex order form and illogical navigation.

How is a usability audit performed?

UX site audit is a rather complicated process, so it can be divided into several stages. The algorithm looks like this:

  • Study of the potential audience. First, agency staff identify a group of users who are potentially interested in the product. Researching their needs and pains allows them to understand what they expect from the site.
  • Analysis of the behavior of visitors. Improving the usability of the site is impossible without a thorough study of the behavioral factors and activity of users of the resource. At this stage, analytics systems are connected, which provide useful data on user interaction with the site and time spent on pages.
  • Study of competitors’ sites. Usability audit also involves collecting information about competitors’ resources. The data obtained allows us to identify problem areas, as well as identify key solutions.
  • Development of methods to improve the usability of the site. Based on the analysis of the main indicators and features of the Internet resource, specialists prepare a list of works necessary to improve user interaction with the site.

After that, a group of specialists is formed who will perform usability testing of the site with the changes made. If such solutions have improved performance, they remain on the site.

What is the result of a website usability audit?

By ordering the service, the client gets the opportunity to improve his Internet resource in terms of user activity. As a result of doing proper website usability, conversions are increased, sales are increased, and customer confidence is established.

Such changes contribute to the improvement of positions in the search results, respectively, increase the profitability of the project. And saving on advertising also allows you to save your budget.

Complex audit of site usability from “TOPSMM”

To get the desired result from the usability audit, you need to contact only professionals. You can find such employees in our digital agency. A team of experienced employees from TOPSMM will conduct a competent audit and offer effective solutions that can increase conversion and increase sales.

To familiarize yourself with the procedure for the provision of services, as well as find out the cost of the site usability audit, you need to contact the manager by phone. In addition, you can get the necessary information through the electronic form on the website.


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