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Content is one of the main factors affecting the quality of promotion, therefore, its creation should be treated with special responsibility. The initial stage should be the collection of the semantic core. Semantics is the basis that determines the direction of writing content and determines the requests of potential buyers.

To order a semantic core, you need to contact the TOPSMM digital agency. Experienced employees offer a range of services for compiling semantics for sites of different directions at an affordable price. Clients are guaranteed an individual approach, attentive attitude and high efficiency of the methods used.

What is Semantic Core Collection?

To understand what the essence of the service is, you need to familiarize yourself with the concept of semantics. The semantic core is the starting point for SEO promotion. The specified name denotes a list of keywords posted on the pages of Internet resources. They are divided into groups depending on the frequency of use, and organically fit into the site.

For example, consider the semantic core for an online store. The concept covers whole phrases and words that are used by potential customers when searching for a product. The totality of such requests is divided into several categories:

  • mid-frequency – these are keys, the frequency of which is up to 1000;
  • low-frequency – a group of queries that have a lower frequency of impressions, but are important for sales;
  • high-frequency keywords are keywords with a frequency of more than 1 thousand impressions (there is a high level of competition for them).

In addition, collecting semantics includes working with other types of key queries. TOPSMM employees select informational, navigation and undefined keys for semantics. Each group performs a specific function and affects the appearance of search engines in the search results.

Why is it necessary to collect the semantic core?

Owners of Internet resources wishing to increase the number of customers and increase sales must necessarily order semantics or collect queries themselves. The service is aimed at collecting key queries that are needed for several purposes:

  • Formation of the structure of the Internet resource. The semantic core is the basis for creating sections and updating the existing structure.
  • Optimization. The semantic core is also necessary for the correct positioning of the site in the search engines. The collected keywords are used to form meta tags, write SEO texts, and create linking. These tasks directly affect the visibility of the site and its indexing.
  • New ideas to increase sales. Clients who decide to expand the semantic core receive ample opportunities for development. For example, the requests received can become ideas for creating new sections or pages that will be in high demand among potential buyers.
  • Determination of the direction of development. When planning to launch a new site, you need to know in advance how to collect the semantic core. The service will be especially useful as it allows you to identify priority areas for promotion and lay the foundation for successful sales.

From this information, we can conclude that without a semantic core it is impossible to achieve the desired results. Therefore, before launching the site, you need to contact the professionals and order a service for collecting semantics.

What does collecting the semantic core include?

Digital agency “TOPSMM” offers a comprehensive service of compiling a semantic core at an affordable price. It is suitable for online stores, portals, marketplaces and other Internet resources. In the process, the following types of actions are performed:

  • Competitor analysis. Experts start by studying the client’s business and its strengths. Next, the circle of competitors in this niche is determined, and the search results for them, as well as the ways of their work and promotion, are analyzed.
  • Collecting key queries. The information obtained at the first stage makes it possible to form an approximate semantic core. This list is basic but not definitive.
  • Cleaning up the collected list. After careful scrutiny, the preliminary keyword list changes. Inappropriate, non-commercial and irrelevant queries are removed from the semantic core.
  • Clustering. This is the final stage of collecting the semantic core. Specialists form search queries by groups and determine their frequency.

Clusters are the backbone of content for sections and pages. Each Internet resource has its own specifics, so prices may differ.

Why is it worth ordering semantics in TOPSMM?

The main advantage of the agency is work for the result. In each direction, we have a team of professionals who are able to complete a task of any complexity. They perform a comprehensive analysis, and based on the data obtained, they collect the correct semantic core.

The result of the work done will be an increase in the site’s position, as well as an increase in targeted traffic.
In such conditions, the customer can count on receiving high profits, and the prospect of developing an Internet resource. In addition, the agency offers favorable rates for services. To find out the details, clarify the cost or ask questions, just contact the managers by phone. You can also leave a request on the website.


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