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Competent promotion of an online store is the key to successful sales. As a result of performing these actions, the rating increases, sales increase, and the visibility of the site also improves. But, such results can be achieved only if you turn to professionals for help. If you want your online store to be in the TOP of search engine results and make a profit, contact TOPSMM.

The agency employs professionals who perform competent search engine optimization for websites of online stores of any complexity. Each client is provided with an individual approach and advanced business analysis. Thanks to a comprehensive study, as well as the use of effective promotion methods, it is possible not only to improve the position of the site, but also to increase brand awareness.

What are the results of promoting an online store?

An online store is a commercial site that customers come to as a result of entering keywords thematically similar to the site in the search bar. This happens much more often if the site is in the first positions in the search engine results. This feature is the main reason why you need SEO promotion for an online store. The complex of these tasks contributes to the fact that clients come to the site, and not just visitors, but potential buyers.

From this follows the first result that optimization gives – attracting targeted traffic. In addition, SEO promotion of an online store helps to achieve other goals:

  • Increasing awareness. Frequent hitting of an online store in the field of view of users contributes to the involuntary memorization of certain features, symbols or products. In the future, this will help build trust in the Internet resource.
  • Increasing the number of sales. Comprehensive online store promotion is part of a marketing strategy that aims to increase sales and increase profits. As a result of competent optimization, each average check increases.
  • Traffic growth. Promotion of an online store by traffic provides an increase in the number of potential customers. This happens as a result of the fact that the Internet resource falls into the first positions in search engines.
  • Improved conversion. The conversion rate shows the ratio of the number of users who took the targeted action on the site to the total number of users. As a result of the implementation of actions to promote, this indicator increases significantly.

In addition, the promotion of an online store from scratch is designed for the long term. The methods used are aimed at a gradual improvement in indicators with the continuation of this trend in the future.

What does SEO promotion for an online store include?

The online store promotion service is complex and includes work in several directions. It is performed in several stages. The first includes works of the following types:

  • study of the site and product;
  • search for competitors;
  • compilation of a semantic core;
  • server optimization;
  • technical audit;
  • improving the speed of the site;
  • optimization of the structure;
  • and much more.

In addition, the existing content is analyzed and the link mass is built up. The second stage of online store promotion includes expanding the semantic core, searching for additional traffic sources, and much more. The cost of promoting an online store also includes an increase in leads and an increase in conversion. Such types of work are carried out at the third stage of optimization.

The next step is complex testing of the web resource. Customers who decide to order the promotion of an online store get the opportunity to see the result of the work done during testing. Upon completion, there are also recommendations for improving the conversion. The task of the employees does not end there. In the future, they are working to improve the quality of service and increase sales.

Effective promotion of an online store from “TOPSMM”

The digital agency provides a range of services for entrepreneurs doing business in an online format. We can order the creation and promotion of an online store, as well as a number of additional services to increase awareness and sales. In the process, we use effective methods and the latest technologies to achieve impressive results.

The resource type does not matter. We work with online stores of different profiles, and take into account the peculiarities of each direction when developing recommendations and promotion methods. If you have any questions about SEO-promotion or want to know the price of promotion of an online store, please contact directly the managers. To do this, you can use the electronic form on the website or a phone number.


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