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It takes more than a standard website to grab the attention of today’s shoppers. It is necessary to promptly convey information to potential clients in an accessible and understandable form. The best solution in this case would be to create a landing page. The specified resource does not contain as much information as a multi-page site, but such content is “tenacious”.

Experienced staff of the TOPSMM digital agency can develop a landing page for a specific business. Specialists have enough knowledge and work experience to create effective one-page sites that generate increased sales. We guarantee professionalism and affordable cost of the landing page.

What is called a landing page?

A one-page site (Landing Page) is an Internet resource designed to generate leads. This means that the landing site helps to convert more visits into targeted action. That is, visitors to such a resource become clients and perform one of the “useful” actions:

  • call;
  • application;
  • placing an order;
  • registration;
  • subscription;
  • downloading materials, etc.

Sites like these are ideal for highly specialized niches or sales of a specific type of product (goods / services). In addition, you can order a landing page for one specific product or service. In any case, employees create a site taking into account individual characteristics, so the page will show high results. The number of visitors will increase and sales will grow steadily.

What is a landing page for?

If you have doubts about whether you need to develop a Landing Page or not, then we suggest learning about the benefits of the specified Internet resource. A well-designed website allows you to achieve the following results:

High conversion. The peculiarity of a landing page is that it is able to focus the client’s attention on a specific service or product, which eliminates distractions and increases the likelihood of performing the required action.

Quick start. It is worth ordering a one-page website for entrepreneurs who want to receive their first orders in a short time. The structure and content of the landing page is suitable for this purpose.

Increased income. The landing page is also suitable for customers who want to launch a new service or product separately from the main Internet resource. In this case, a larger number of potential customers can be attracted to a new direction, and accordingly, more profit can be obtained.

How many stages does the process of creating a landing page include?

A one-page site is different from standard multi-page resources. It has a simplified structure and is filled with only commercial content and great deals. Despite this, the development of a landing page is a laborious and complex process that includes several stages:

  • thorough analysis (a service or product is being researched, as well as competitors and potential audience are being studied);
  • prototyping (the ways of interaction of the client with the one-page site are determined);
  • design development (at this stage, designers are involved in the work, creating a catchy design);
  • creation of functionality (stage including work with dynamic elements and layout);
  • launch of the finished website (testing and elimination of defects are performed).

In addition, buying a turnkey landing page means getting professional advice on setting up and using the resource.

Why is it worth ordering a landing page from TOPSMM?

In the capital, many performers offer one-page creation services. But, the team of our agency compares favorably with them. We offer an affordable price for the development of a turnkey landing page, as well as a number of other advantages. Employees develop a unique selling proposition that sets the product / service apart from other products.

Such a solution allows you to increase conversion significantly. Particular attention is paid to the blocks of trust for customers. Experts competently place awards, certificates and customer reviews on the site. These points are supported by a powerful call to action that becomes the logical conclusion of the blocks.

To place an order for a landing page in Kiev, just contact the agency’s managers. They provide full information about the service, the procedure for cooperation and answer all questions of interest to the client. For communication, you can use a phone number, an electronic application on the website or another convenient way of communication. Contact us and make sure that it is quite possible to create a working landing page at an affordable price!


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